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Homemade Healthy Foods for Abroad Students

Homemade Healthy Foods for Abroad Students

As an abroad student, it is important to know how to cook delicious and healthy foods. It is not only delicious and healthy but also simple food to catch up your tight schedule. There are several simple foods you can cook at your boarding house. The cost to cook those healthy and tasty foods is also affordable. Just take a look below.

Delicious and Healthy Foods for Breakfast

Don’t omit your breakfast because you need energy to start your day to do all the tasks. It is also unnecessary cook a complicated breakfast. The idea is preparing a simple breakfast but it keeps your health and energy. Oatmeal is one of the best examples. It is a good food for breakfast because it just takes a few minutes to prepare. You can also mix it with any kind of ingredients on the refrigerator. It’s simple and tasty! Nutella and yogurt fruit dip is also a great alternative for breakfast. You may choose this menu if you have enough fruit stock on your refrigerator. To make you a little full, you can also cook egg muffins or smoothies. You don’t need to spend extra money only to prepare a healthy breakfast, right?

Delicious and Healthy Foods for Lunch

While eating your breakfast, you can also prepare a box for lunch. Just like your breakfast, there are several foods for lunch which perfect for hectic college students. Chicken cupcake can be a delicious and simple healthy food for lunch. It is great because chicken full of protein. The vegetable is also a healthy option. It recharges your energy a lot after following the morning classes. Tortilla soup is good if you need more energy. The ingredients are easy to buy at the local grocery around your living area and you just need to prepare it for a few minutes. Don’t forget to bring bacon or grilled cheese sandwich. It is a quick meal and great taste from the various ingredients. Choose whole grains bread for healthy lunch.

Delicious and Healthy Foods for Dinner

You also need to keep your energy to do the assignments from your lecturers. Because of that, you can prepare special food for dinner. For example, you may cook delicious spaghetti made from fresh ingredients. Just add tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil. It is delicious, cheap, and healthy as well! Even, leftover spaghetti which you can recook can also delicious and healthy to recharge and boost your energy. If you don’t have spaghetti, you may enjoy noodle. Just imagine that you only need to spend 2 dollar to prepare a cup of delicious noodle for dinner. Check your refrigerator first. If you have a lot of fruits and vegetables, you can consider salads as your fresh dinner. The portion is enough for students who are doing diet program. You may enjoy a cup of fresh salad while doing the assignments or before sleeping tight at night. It doesn’t make your stomach full and it is enough for dinner.

The explanation above shows to you that you can still enjoy healthy and delicious foods even you are an abroad student. In fact, healthy is very important so you can finish your study until you get your degree.