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Cooking Simple Healthy Food

Cooking Simple Healthy Food

In this globalization era, health has become less important compared with other things. People only focus on the way they follow the rapid growth of technology and civilization. It brings people to the unhealthy lifestyle. People don’t have enough time to do some exercises or cook healthy food. Instead of cooking healthy food, people tend to buy or order fast food or junk food. Fast food or junk food offers an instant and convenient way to make you full. People don’t really think about the effect of consuming junk food for their health. They don’t realize it until they get the bad effects of junk food. Therefore, we need to change this condition. We need to stop consuming junk food and cooking healthy food. The next question is how to cooking healthy food when you are busy and in rush. Cooking simple healthy food is one of the most possible ways. In this era, cooking healthy food should be done easily, simply, and effectively, so it won’t waste your time too much. We are going to discuss some ways to cook simple healthy food.

Prepare the Healthy Ingredients

For cooking healthy food, healthy ingredients become one of important requirements that should be prepared. Healthy food should be started with healthy ingredients. By having healthy ingredients, we have done quite big part of cooking healthy food. Healthy ingredients are defined as food ingredients that contains good and balance substances for our body such as protein, fiber, carbohydrate, natural sugar, vitamins, and others. Those substances can be found in vegetables, fruits, olive oil, egg, fish, and meat. You need to avoid ingredient that fatty and contain too much cholesterol. Balance becomes a key for cooking healthy food. It is recommended that you use natural and organic ingredients for healthy food. Organic ingredients are free-pesticide and toxic.

Way of Cooking

Cooking healthy food should be quite easy when you have healthy ingredients. You don’t have to cook the ingredient too long because it will only reduce the healthy substances that contained in the ingredients. You can simply boil or stir-fry some ingredients such as vegetables. Don’t forget to season for the good taste. You need to avoid using unnatural flavoring. It is better to use only natural seasoning such as salt and pepper. Raw food can be a good and simple option for you. You can make mix vegetable and fruit salad. Basically, what you need to do is to mix some vegetable and salads and put some olive oil, or peanut sauce. You can combine the food with making fruit juice. It is recommended not to put extra artificial sweeteners to the juice because some fruit has contained natural sugar. You may combine some fruits for the better taste and result.

Cooking healthy foods can be simple and easily done for you who have a very tight schedule. Your will is the most important key to do it. Without any will, the simplest ways to cook healthy food will be impossible to be done. Hopefully, this information can encourage you to start preparing your own healthy food.